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The following is the English version, more and Indonesian version, please click here.

•What is PayPal?
PayPal is a Web-based application for the secure transfer of funds between member accounts. It doesn't cost the user anything to join PayPal or to send money through the service, but there is a fee structure in place for those members who wish to receive money. PayPal relies on the existing infrastructure used by financial institutions and credit card companies and uses advanced fraud prevention technologies to enhance the security of transactions.
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•Does it cost anything to use PayPal?
While PayPal does not charge membership fees, it is still a business-and they remain solvent by charging a 2.4%-3.9% fee on most transactions. This fee can be as high as 6% if seller and buyer live in different countries, use different currencies, or use credit cards to pay (among other things).
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•Who pays PayPal fees?
According to PayPal’s terms of service, it is the responsibility of the seller to cover the fees’ cost. You can be banned from PayPal for charging additional fees to those using PayPal as a payment method.
Indonesia PayPal Fees Calculator
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•How PayPal Works?
PayPal is like a virtual wallet where you can more securely store your financial and personal information. You key in these details with us just once, and need only your PayPal login and password for all your online transactions. PayPal is used to securely send payments over the internet. You can choose to pay from your PayPal account balance, a credit card, debit card, or bank account. To make a PayPal purchase, select PayPal during checkout on the website and choose your method of payment. Your funds are transferred immediately and securely. PayPal currently cannot be used by Customers with a Canadian shipping and/or billing address.
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•How Do I Create a PayPal Account? How to Create a PayPal Account?
click here. Choose your country and language. There are three types of accounts to choose from: "personal" account is for individuals who simply want to shop and pay online; a "premier" account is for those that want to buy and sell online; and "business" account is for merchants using a business name. Click on the button to start the process for the account you wish to have. Enter your information such as email, name, address, password and phone number. PayPal will send a confirmation email to you. Open the email and click on the link in it to confirm that it is your email address. Enter your card information.
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•How secure is PayPal?
PayPal is highly secure and committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Its industry-leading fraud prevention team is constantly developing state-of-the-art technology to keep your money and information safe. When you use PayPal to send money, recipients never see your bank account or credit card numbers.
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•How Do I Contact PayPal Indonesia Customer Service? How to Call PayPal?
For the fastest response, you may access the user-friendly Help Center. Developed by the PayPal Customer Service team, this Help Center contains a comprehensive information database. Simply type a question into the search box to receive a complete answer.

If you do not find the information you need in the Help Center, PayPal Customer Service representatives are available to assist you. Send an email for a prompt response or contact PayPal directly by phone:

PayPal Customer Service:
Currently, we provide support in English or Mandarin. Please use a supported language when contacting us. Tel: 65-6510-4584
7:00 WIB to 21:00 WIB from Monday to Friday
8:00 WIB to 17:00 WIB from Saturday to Sunday

PayPal Developer Community
Ask questions, learn more about PayPal services, hear from developers, and interact with PayPal support staff.

PayPal Developer Knowledge Base
Search FAQs for answers to your PayPal integration questions.

Merchant Technical Support
File a ticket and you can get a response within 24 hours.

PayPal Help Center
Help with your PayPal account.
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•How to Start a PayPal Account?
All that anyone really needs to establish a PayPal account is a valid email address. As of mid-2011 there were three types of accounts: personal, premier and business. You need to first choose a type PayPal account, and set that up for yourself. Personal accounts are individual accounts that allow a user to send and receive money and to make and receive payments on services like eBay. The premier account is designed for a user who wants to buy and sell extensively using her own name. A business account is designed to be established under the name of a company or corporation.
And you will need:
a valid and reliable email address.
a valid credit card and
a valid bank account
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•What Is a Verified PayPal Account?
A PayPal Verified account is one where the account owner has taken the steps required by PayPal to verify their primary e-mail address and confirmed a bank account associated with the account. A verified PayPal account is an account that has passed PayPal's screening and has had its details confirmed. Accounts may be verified by being linked to a valid bank account or by being approved for a PayPal credit card or buyer credit. Many services on PayPal are limited until an account is verified. Verified accounts are related to a confirmed address. When a PayPal user has a confirmed address, it means that the address listed for the user has been validated and found to be genuine.
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•What kind of protection do I have through PayPal if I am a seller?
While seller protection on PayPal is more limited, it does exist. Always ship via a tracked shipping method to a confirmed address, and enter the tracking information on PayPal. That way, a buyer cannot falsely file a dispute for an item not received in order to scam a seller.
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•How does PayPal e-Check work?
E-Check is a payment sent directly from your bank account to another PayPal account to PayPal. If you want to purchase goods online, send money to a friend or relative on the Internet or pay for service rendered, you can e-Check. If you send an e-Check, it usually takes three to five days to clear. During clearing, the money is debited from your account and the recipient sees the money in his PayPal account to PayPal.

Send an E-check
You need a PayPal account to send a e-Check. To sign up for a PayPal account, please visit the PayPal website and click on "Register" at the top of the page. Then select the type of account that is right for you --- Personal, Premier, or Business. Then fill in the required information and read the terms and conditions. Once you have an account, you must link your bank account to your PayPal account. To do this go to "Add or Edit Bank Account" under the menu of "Profile" tab, add your bank information and follow the instructions. Once your bank account is linked to your PayPal account, send an e-Check by clicking the "Send Money" and enter the sender information on "Next". Change the payment method you choose "e-Check," press "Next" and verify all information, then confirm that you want to send the e-Check.

Receiving an e-Check
If you receive an e-Check, you have a few options on what you want to do with the funds in your PayPal account. You can apply for a PayPal debit card is a MasterCard that allows you to make online purchases and withdraw money from ATMs to apply. You can also withdraw the funds from your PayPal account and set it to your bank account. You can also use the funds to another PayPal account or make online purchases.

E-Check safety and Refunds
Since the receiver can not see all your bank information, e-Check transaction is a relatively safe, as long as you. Ethical business with entities If you clearing that you do not want before the e-Check to deciding to send you a refund from PayPal. Although claiming that PayPal transactions are relatively safe is PayPal not a bank, and is therefore not receive FDIC deposit insurance or other consumer protection often backed by traditional financial institutions. According to the FDIC deposit insurance is normal protection $ 250,000 per account holder. PayPal offers the security that an FDIC-insured bank offers.
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•Which situation is easy to make the PayPal account is frozen?
 (1) the transaction amount in a short period of time than PayPal's deemed safe range (for example, just sign up for PayPal to accept large sums of money, or to receive a lot of money today, the next day asked the withdraw, it is recommended that receivables 30 days after withdraw requirements, and not to mention the empty account)
(2) the transaction source of problems. (This is definitely freeze the fastest, so please do not traded PayPal balance, and reserves all PayPal transaction evidence, such as mailing documents, contacts, email, etc.)
(3) Use a proxy server to visit the PayPal account (this will immediately be frozen).
(4) a person registered many PayPal account.
(5) the sale of counterfeit infringement of prohibited items, or a short period of time has been a number of user complaints.
(6) other PayPal think there might be a problem with the transaction.
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•How to Accept PayPal?
Get a PayPal account. Add button to your website. Go to the Products & Services tab and click on "Website Payments Standard" under "Ways to get paid". This will allow your to create buttons. Choose button style. Click on button. Once you decide the button style, click on it to create your PayPal button. Then click "create button now". This will bring you to a page that will allow you to put options into your button form. Once you create this, you will add the HTML code to your website.
Choose button type. You can have a button to accept Pay Pal payments for a product, donation, services, etc.
Log in and Fill out form. Create button. Fill in the rest, if necessary (Shipping, taxes, inventory options, advanced options). Then click "Create Button". This will bring you to a page with your HTML code. Copy HTML and paste into your website. You now have a code and can copy and paste into your website that will allow you to accept PayPal as payment.
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This is the English version, more and Indonesian version, please click here.

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